Haddy’s Knits

Marti started Haddy’s Knits as a social enterprise project aiming to ‘uplift the community one stitch at a time.’ Their unique handmade products are made from 100% hand spun, hand dyed wool. She wanted a visual website telling the reasoning behind the enterprise as well as Haddy’s Story. Most of all, the site needs to showcase the products while giving an insight to life on the community’s farm.

In addition to creating their website I also set Haddy’s Knits up on social media.

Due to the popularity of these products the ladies are not yet making stock quick enough to keep up with sales! Therefore, Marti decided not to have an online store at this stage. She has kept me on a retainer to manage the site and social media with an idea to add online purchases at a later date.

Haddy's Knits | Home

Warm colours welcome the users and natural, earthy tones accurately suggest the site represents something handmade.

Haddy's Knits | Wool

In addition to showing off products, describing the wool processes is an important part of the site. Marti wanted users to see and understand that 100% pure wool is hand treated, dyed and spun before it is knitted. Therefore each colour, thickness of yarn and ultimately each product is unique. Adding images enable users to see what happens without having to read the text.

Haddy's Knits | Products Gallery

Because the handmade products are showcased in a gallery users can easily browse through but having simple comments too breaks the page up a little.

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