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So it turns out I am not very good at monthly updates, who knew I would be so unorganized? This month, I am glossing over the unorganisedness and putting it down to being in Vietnam for 6 weeks meaning April and May’s update can purposefully be rolled into one 🙂

Since we last spoke, I headed of to Vietnam where the boy and I formed our own Sons of Anarchy type club (with us the only members) and explored the country from top to bottom on Honda Wins. I am going to go into more detail about our trip in upcoming posts however let me give you a summary…I started off in Ho Chi Minh City never having been on a bike before and realising, slightly too late, that I had no idea how to ride a bike at all. Our departure was delayed for 2 days while I spent some time going round in circles (literally as I wasn’t brave enough to turn left across traffic) into a tree and generally trying to learn how to ride a bike. The 6 weeks ended with an unfortunate accident which put an abrupt end to my love / hate relationship with the Honda Win. In between, the boy and I explored the hotspots as well as many areas off the beaten track.

First Vietnamese Beer | Princess In A Caravan travel blogger

First Vietnamese Beer

I loved Vietnam; from the chaos in the cities to the tranquility of the lakes, from the tiny little dirt tracks that we explored on our own to the vast expanses of rice fields, from the isolated white sand beaches to the mountain passes we rode up and down. The country is stunning and being on the bikes meant we got to get up close and personal with the sights, smells and sounds of Vietnam.

We did almost everything on my Vietnam bucket list but I didn’t try to egg coffee and we ran out of time for a cooking class. Sapa had to be crossed off the itinerary after the bike accident but it means I have somewhere to go back and explore.

Our Sons Of Anarchy Gang | Princess In A Caravan travel blogger

Our Sons Of Anarchy Gang

As you may remember, the whole reason we went to Vietnam was because I had to leave South Africa when my last visa ran out. As with most things I go through, this plan didn’t go as smoothly as it could have done and both on leaving and on coming back into SA, I was stopped and questioned. Luckily I managed to persuade both immigration guys that I didn’t deserve the year long ban they wanted to penalize me with and that I hadn’t, in fact, over stayed my original visa. So here I am, on a 3 month tourist visa and trying not to count down the days before I have to leave again. The life of an expat is always interesting 🙂

Since being back, Girl Dog hasn’t let the boy leave her sight as I think she’s convinced he may not be back for another 6 weeks! She was beyond excited to have us (I like to think us but really, it’s mostly him) back. We’ve both been getting over the post trip blues and trying to get back into real life. I am (gently) throwing myself in Global Handprints ‘stuff’ now that I have had a break from it all while also looking for some website design work to pay the bills. We are still living on the community farm meaning I am technically a Princess On A Farm for now. I have continued being involved with the knitting project, which went from strength to strength while I was gone. Several local ladies are now involved in the knitting, all of whom need uplifting so it was great to see them getting something back for their work after our first farmer’s market last weekend!

So for now, we are enjoying farm life close to Cape Town and waiting to see what the next chapter brings.

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