Website Design

Do you need a new website design to make your blog reflect your awesome personality? Are you looking for a website to promote your new business, aka the best thing since sliced bread?

Whatever your reason for needing a new website design, you’ve likely ended up on this page because you need exactly that; a new site that tells everyone else how awesome your blog / gym / community project / juice bar is. Oh, and someone to create it for you.

That’s great! You’re in the right place.

I have been designing my own websites for years, ever since I got into the non-profit world and realised I needed to keep overheads to a minimum. Cue hours of self teaching and learning through coding errors, pages going down, websites crashing, links not working, colours not matching, pictures misaligning…. I could go on, but I don’t want to put you off!

Moving on, as you can tell from this, my own site, I have made it further up the learning curve (I am not sure one ever gets to the top in a game like web design). I can put together an appealing, navigable, functioning, responsive site. I’m glad you think so too 😉

Last year, I packed up my belongings and headed off to explore South Africa in a 30 year old caravan (you can read my blog posts here). I decided I loved life on the road and consequently, I realised I needed to find a way to keep the wheels turning. That’s when it hit me. Web design.

As a result, here we both are, me designing websites and you looking for a website designer. Many people would say it’s coincidence but I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe in fate.

Click below to see details of my most recent work

Seeing as we’ve come this far together, I am sure you’d love to know what I can offer you? To start with, although I will make suggestions along the way, I will meet your brief, making your website look how you want it to. I may edit your text a little but that’s because I am a teacher and I can’t help it!

Here is a non-exhaustive list of what I can do to make your site:

Set up WordPress hosting with Siteground and install the Divi theme

Integrate a blog into your website




Create templates for you to be able to add to your site and keep the design

Set up an online shop integrating your preferred payment methods


Provide post publishing support helping you learn how to use your website

Install and activate analytic plugins

Provide ‘post publishing’ packages specifically made for you if managing your website sounds scary!

Install SEO plugins and get them up and running with each page passing the SEO checks

Set up accounts on major social media platforms, linking them to your new shiny website in (almost) any way you choose to have them showing

Set up an email address linked to your domain and provide mobile and computer set up instructions

Make it easy for potential clients to contact you through contact forms / clickable phone numbers and email addresses

Incorporate images in a variety of formats site making your site visually appealing to users

Want to know more? Contact me for prices and packages that meet your needs

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