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If you’re bored with life or curious what you could do differently, you’ve come to the right place. Princess in a Caravan is a blog dedicated to helping people like you learn more about the possibilities of getting off the typical tourist path, volunteering, teaching and travelling. You can see the world, explore it how you like (maybe in a caravan?), and do new, amazing things.

Although I really do like pink sparkly things, I am not a real princess (I have been known to don a tiara) but I do live in a caravan.

Just over 2 years ago, I found myself unexpectedly on a plane to South Africa, embarking on a new challenge. Leaving a somewhat traditional life behind, I began focusing on my dream to set up a social enterprise.

I drew on experiences volunteering in Africa and from managing volunteer projects in rural villages. The result is Global Handprints, which offers alternative, grassroots level, community-oriented volunteer opportunities that meet specific needs of local people from improving teaching standards in schools, to planting a vegetable garden and teaching them how to maintain it.

When you start realizing that life can be lived differently, things change. Humans are naturally nomadic. Cue Caravan.

A year after arriving in South Africa we (my boy and I) packed our belongings and dogs into a 30-year-old caravan to hit the road.


We started in the northeast corner of South Africa and headed west, aiming to complete the circumference of the country. There wasn’t much of a plan, other than that we wanted to make it to Cape Town, the furthest point from where we started.

We knew that along the way we would need to find work to keep us moving. Without intentionally deciding to do so, I have found myself totally immersed in the digital nomad tribe, working on websites, social media content, content and copywriting…anything that within a travel niche that keeps my wanderlust burning.

While on the road, I also spend my time looking for new projects that need manpower and ‘extra pairs of hands’ to help them achieve their goals. I incorporate these projects into the Global Handprints Road Trips, or local schools into the Teachers teaching Teachers (TtT) program.

Working towards something you’re passionate about is awesome. You don’t feel like you’re going to ‘work’.

And here we are: living in a caravan, seeing where life takes us.

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I love to get involved in collaborative posts and write for other people. Check out some of the pieces I have collaborated on here. If you are a travel blogger and would like to write about any topics myself and the readers might like, please email me at hello @ princessinacaravan.

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