This Princess Life: June & July

June and July have been funny old months. On the surface not much appears to have changed; we are still on the farm outside Cape Town. The boy is still working on various projects here. Girl Dog is still loving farm life and ruling the roost. She has found the weakest link on the farm and knows that if she lets herself into that cottage, she has dinner cooked especially for her!

I am still working from my computer, blogging, writing and Global Handprint-ing. Well, kind of.

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This Princess Life: May & April

Since we last spoke, I headed of to Vietnam where the boy and I formed our own Sons of Anarchy type club (with us the only members) and explored the country from top to bottom on Honda Wins. I am going to go into more detail about our trip in upcoming posts however let me give you a summary…I started off in Ho Chi Minh City never having been on a bike before and realising, slightly too late, that I had no idea how to ride a bike at all…

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This Princess Life: March

What a month this has been. I cant believe its over and its already 3rd April! March flew by in a haze of moving to a farm, website work (mine and other people’s), Mum visiting and preparing for Vietnam! I have decided to (try to) write monthly update summaries as I seem to have got behind in my Diary style posts. Well, actually with all the website issues this past month I am behind on all posts but May will be my month to catch up! The Teach And Travel series will be back in full swing and I have so many Western Cape draft posts that I am excited to share…all about exploring this beautiful area way from Cape Town and seeing what else there is on offer.

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This Princess Life: January

I can’t believe I haven’t written a diary style post since last year (crikey that sounds bad). I left you all hanging with the impression we would be in Pringle Bay for a few weeks and I am sure you’ve been wondering where in the world (well, South Africa at least) we are now. So before I get started with an update, let me get the excuses out of the way; there have been some very exciting developments, including a new website coming soon that have been keeping me busy with Global Handprints (follow out the GH blog to find out more!) I have been approached by an education consultancy asking me to start working for them (which would not only be great experience but also solve the never-ending visa issue however it does require commitment and a temporary end to ‘life on the road…’ so involves lots of thinking) Also to be honest, I have been embracing the Pringle way of life which is to not really do a lot and to not do it in any hurry!

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2015: A Musical Reflection

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything” There are a lot of posts reminiscing on what has been learned through travel in 2015, the top photos from social media and how travel has changed people over the...

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This Princess Life: December

I have to keep looking at the date on my laptop to check they haven’t just grabbed the nearest CD and are playing Jingle Bells accidentally. It is in fact the 22nd December. I can’t quite believe it.

When I conjure up thoughts of Christmas I picture snow, roaring fires and mulled wine. I don’t think of sun, sand and sea (or vineyards). I have grown up with cold, wet Christmases and that’s’ what feels ‘real’ to me. The locals who fill my life here can’t imagine anything other than a hot sunny day, trips to the beach and family braais. It’s funny how the things you’re used to can so completely determine how you feel about something.

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This Princess Life: November

If we have stayed anywhere longer than a night or two, our habit so far seems to have been two weeks maximum. Despite promises of low crime rates, a friendly community, development initiatives and beautiful landscapes we were skeptical about Pringle Bay. We knew we needed somewhere to call home for a while longer so we can we find our feet (and patch the holes in the caravan). A few days into our time in Pringle Bay it feels like this is it. We have set up camp next to a family friend of the boy’s and already feel like one of the locals.

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Hi, I’m Lottie!

If you’re bored with life or curious what you could do differently, you’ve come to the right place. Princess in a Caravan is a blog dedicated to helping people like you learn more about the possibilities of getting off the typical tourist path, volunteering, teaching and travelling. You can see the world, explore it how you like (maybe in a caravan?), and do new, amazing things.

Although I really do like pink sparkly things, I am not a real princess (I have been known to don a tiara) but I do live in a caravan.

When you start realizing that life can be lived differently, things change. Humans are naturally nomadic. Cue Caravan.
A year after arriving in South Africa we (my boy and I) packed our belongings and dogs into a 30-year-old caravan to hit the road.
Join me for the journey and see where it takes me.


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