Part of the reason we left the Midlands when we did was so that we would make it to see the Namaqualand Flowers during the annual, infamous ‘flower season’.

The Cape Wild Flowers are one of the natural wonders of the world. The arid areas of the Cape West Coast and the semi desert of Namaqualand, transform into a floral wonderland.

Heading straight west we drove through areas known for the Namaqualand Flowers but it wasn’t until we started to go south along the coast that we really saw variety and colour in abundance. The flowers pop in in single bursts or in clumps of contrasting colours amongst the green, dry foliage. The region is know for being sparse and arid outside of Flower Season but in the two months the flowers are out, people head here in droves and tourism picks up. For many of the B&Bs and other accommodation offerings, Namaqualand Flower Season is their busiest time of year and it keeps them going throughout the rest of the year.

The routes known for flowers sightings are packed with guides and advice on the best way to see the flowers (in peak sun and traveling from the north, because flowers follow the sun). Flowers grow along the side of the roads, across the landscapes and, in places, right up to the rocky beaches.

Being at the tail end of the season we missed the tourists so shared the flowers with only tortoises and the dogs. It’s hard to imagine the area looking dull and bland, without the colours, as it does the rest of the year.

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