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If we have stayed anywhere longer than a night or two, our habit so far seems to have been two weeks maximum. Despite promises of low crime rates, a friendly community, development initiatives and beautiful landscapes we were skeptical about Pringle Bay. We knew we needed somewhere to call home for a while longer so we can we find our feet (and patch the holes in the caravan). A few days into our time in Pringle Bay it feels like this is it. We have set up camp next to a family friend of the boy’s and already feel like one of the locals.

Frustratingly we have been spending most of our time trying to find things that will enable us to stay in the area. For someone with a limited ‘hands on’ skillset I am finding that particularly hard and have resorted to the internet to try to find ways to earn an income. Being a follower of many travel blogs and websites, I know there are ways to earn from a laptop but getting these up and running is much, much harder and more of a long term solution that I really anticipated. Maybe it’s naivety or maybe the fact that the digital nomad industry is so, so competitive now, but many unsuccessful hours have now been spent burning brain cells and my retina glaring at the screen.

In between trying to be productive we have taken some time to start to explore the area. The coastlines is beautiful and appears to stretch on in endless little bays. Girl Dog is loving the beach, especially the fact she can go in and run around in the water because the currents aren’t as strong as they are elsewhere. The water is also (marginally) warmer which I am sure she appreciates but is nonetheless not enough of a temperature increase to get us humans in!

Girl Dog | Princess In A Caravan travel blogger

Girl Dog In Her Element

Man and his dog | Princess In A Caravan travel blogger

Man And His Dog

As a fan of tourist leaflets, I have collected many and have a comprehensive list of things I would love to do in the area (in the most unplanned way, of course!)

To get us going, we visited the local penguin colony, have been visited by the local troop of baboons (who got past ‘Baboon Patrol and right into the caravan), explored the small local towns, listened to some awesome live music in the local hotspot and at times, have been the only people on the beach in many of the coves.

For now, Pringle Bay definitely feels like home.

Princess In A Caravan

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